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Heart Shaped Box

At first I thought it was some weird dick-shaped paper craft but yeah heart shaped boxes are cool too

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He takes your hand, I die a little, I watch your eyes tonight, I pray that you will see the lights in my mind, going

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Anónimo: Mafe como crees que serian las versiones femeninas de One Direction? Hay famosas que creas podrían ser como ellos o como vos te los imaginas?


aaghh esta pregunta está complicada.. luego de pensarlo durante varios minutos llegué a la conclusión de que no podré contestar esto pensando en actrices o cantantes.. pero sí podré hacerlo pensando en solamente modelos, así que acá vamos:

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Zayn got those type of shoulders that you just have to grip while he fucks you against the wall or else you will fall off that roller coaster called Zayn’s Dick

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"The Fame Monster was ‘too dark’ and then I put out Born This Way and I was ‘so gay’ and now I put out ARTPOP and it’s ‘too artsy’. I wanna be remembered for all those things, for how uncomfortable I made the world." - Lady Gaga (via sneezedonthebeatt)
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